Wheel Alignment

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Wheel Alignment

We, at Rednal Tyres, are one of the best garages in the city of Birmingham. We train our technicians extensively to make sure they know and are efficient at the job given to them. They have over the years gained experience, and are now proficient experts at their job. We, in turn, make sure they are provided with the latest and the best pieces of equipment available in the market. We do so not only to make our services more efficient but also to make the task for our technicians easy.

One of their fields of expertise, in car repair, is wheel alignment. This issue is as bad when its a minor deal as it is when it is almost a disaster. The smallest misalignment can be more troublesome for you than you can ever imagine. It starts to wear-off your car tyres, more than they naturally should, and apply extra pressure on other parts as well. Well, now the big question arises:

What is Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignment is the adjustment of the angles of the wheels as per the manufacturer’s recommendation. It is similar to keeping your arms and legs straight. Try walking in a crooked way for a while, and you’re sure to feel the effects of it. This effect on a car is known as wearing.

What is Affected?

A misaligned car is sure to face damage on a number of its parts. From tyres and suspension to engine and transmission, a small misalignment affects all of it. Your car’s fuel-economy decreases as well due to the extra effort that the engine has to put into dragging an out of angle wheel. Your suspension system faces extra load as well, which wears the bushes and springs more than they normally do.

Advantages of Timely Wheel Alignment

Bringing your car for a simple check-up to us can help you in many ways. The first and foremost is that you’ll be saving a lot of money. From our genuine prices for our services to the money you save by saving your parts from being damaged, we are sure to help you a lot. Saving money often compromises comfort, whereas it’s not the same with us. While you save your hard-earned money, we make sure you get the comfort you deserve. We make sure that all our services, not only wheel alignment, are done with great detail and provided well to our customers. Other than that, you also save your tyres from being dragged as well. They will last longer than they would if you hadn’t gotten them checked. And the most important of all, your safety. A well-aligned car is the key to your and your loved ones’ safety.

Visit us at Rednal Tyres, and you can get your wheel alignment checked for free.

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